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A Day At BBC

The Bobby Benson Center offers a treatment program that incorporates various components and activities. Here is a description of what our clients experience through a typical day at the Bobby Benson Center:


Daily Routine

Bobby Benson Center follows a set Daily Schedule that is regularly reviewed for possible improvements and changes, if any, that may be in the best interests of the clients. A typical day at the center, however, could be similar to the following:



Clients are gently woken in the morning by staff monitoring the cabin. Clients have a 30-minute window to get dressed for breakfast and tidy up their rooms as part of their Morning Checklist (make beds, put away anything left on the floor, etc.)


Process Groups 

Each client is assigned to one of four therapists and participate with some of their peers in Process Groups held Monday through Friday. These groups are focused on learning and practicing skills. (*see “Therapy” section under The Program tab)


Day Activities

Activities range from groups such as Chemical Dependency, 12-Step Group, Life Skills – a variety of skills from learning to clean a bathroom to baking cookies, Anger Management, etc. This part of the day could also include individual/team meetings with primary therapists and routine visits to the doctor/dentist or court hearing appointments (coordinated with appropriate BBC staff and Legal Guardians)



BBC follows the guidelines set by the National School Lunch Program. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared in our kitchen on-site and served in the dining hall (with the exception of packed lunches for outings that take place during meal times). Snacks are offered in between breakfast and lunch and a second time in the evening after dinner.



Activities during the day alternate with our three-hour block of school (follows DOE calendar and includes Summer School) which also includes an additional hour of PE four days a week.


Evening Activities

After dinner, time is usually allotted for clients to make phone calls home as well as contact sober sponsors (*see “Chemical Dependency” section under The Program tab). Activities could include Conflict Resolution, Relapse Prevention, NA/AA meetings off-site, Life Skills, Study Hall (during school year), etc.



Clients are encouraged to be in their rooms winding down by 9:30p Sunday-Thursday and 10:00p Fri-Sat when school is in session. During school breaks, clients are given additional time to sleep in the morning. Staff monitor the cabins overnight and document sleeping patterns or behaviors.



Special, off-site recreational outings are planned every Wednesday during the day. Clients are able to attend granted they can exhibit safe behaviors while in treatment and participating in activities during the week. Wednesdays are a highlight of the week for our clients with school being only an hour and outings being held all over Oahu (Water Park, Polynesian Cultural Center, Hanauma Bay, Ice Palace, karaoke, bowling, etc.)



Some Life Skills are offered during the weekend along with Beach Outings during the day, based on water conditions and safety of communities. Sundays are open for family visits to the facility.


Living Quarters

The Bobby Benson Center living quarters consists of 4 identical cabins. Each cabin has 4 bedrooms, each capable of comfortably housing two clients with a separate bathroom and walk-in closet in each room. Each cabin also has a shared common living room area and an adjacent therapist office. Bathrooms were newly renovated and A/C units were installed during the early Summer of 2013.

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