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Drug and alcohol addiction affect not only the youth, but all who love them. Our residential treatment program offers a supportive environment in which teenagers and their families can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to overcome the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.

Residential Treatment

At the Bobby Benson Center, all staff are trained in Risking Connection®, a trauma informed approach that focuses on the importance of healing relationships to help clients recover. Teens and their families can expect:

  • A trauma informed environment with staff that focuses on providing therapeutic relationships in helping the youth to heal from past experiences as well as substance abuse

  • A Chemical Dependency Program in which youth can choose from either: AA/NA which integrates the 12 steps or SMART (Self Management and Recovery Tools) which includes: 1) building motivation 2) coping with urges 3) problem solving 4) lifestyle balance

  • Individual, group and family therapy to address trauma as well as emotional, behavioral and substance use. Family participation is a key component in the youth’s success. Family Therapy is offered to help family members cope, understand and heal as a unit. 

  • A drug-free setting staffed by professionals with specialized experience in adolescent drug and alcohol treatment and knowledge of the unique needs of young people

  • A structured daily schedule designed to treat the young person physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually

  • A variety of activities to help the teen to learn to have fun without drugs or alcohol

  • Peer groups giving teens the opportunity to learn how to reinforce healthy ways to cope with life's demands through honest feedback from their own peers




The Bobby Benson Center admits teens between the ages of 13 and 17 who are suffering from alcohol or drug dependence. Dual-diagnosed clients are eligible for treatment at the Center upon psychiatric stability. Eighteen-year-old clients are considered for admission if they are developmentally more suited for treatment with adolescents than with adults. Treatment services and preference for admission are given to pregnant women and intravenous drug users. The Center participates with major health insurance plans and has a fee for service contract with the Department of Health (Child and Adolescent Mental Health).

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