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It is the policy of Bobby Benson Center (BBC) to discourage clients from bringing sums of money, jewelry, and other valuables into treatment.   


  • At BBC, clients wishing to store money and/or their valuables will have their valuables inventoried and kept in a locked safe.


  • All money and valuables are available for withdrawal only between specified hours and by authorized personnel. 


  • In all cases, BBC is not responsible and will not be held financially liable for any damage, loss, or theft of Client belongings. The client assumes all associated risks and responsibilities.


  • All valuables will be returned to the client or his/her authorized designee upon discharge.


  • Upon admission, the Client Valuables form will be completed and signed by all appropriate individuals. This form will become a permanent part of the client record.


  • In the event a client's belongings are abandoned due to elopement and the client is discharged from the program, staff will secure client belongings on the discharge date.  


  • BBC staff will contact the parent/legal guardian within 3 calendar days of discharge to make a timely plan for pick-up of belongings no later than 14 calendar days following the discharge date; external team members will be contacted if a plan cannot be made with the parent/legal guardian.


  • If the parent/legal guardian or an external team member has not followed up on plans to pick-up belongings after 30 calendar days from the date of discharge, client belongings will be donated or discarded.

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