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Ohana Perspective


THE OHANA "FAMILY" PERSPECTIVE: Ohana means "family" in the Hawaiian language. Family participation is a key component of the program. Almost two-thirds of the youth have a family history of addiction.


Bobby Benson Center and its treatment programs help adolescents discover they can break the multi-generation cycle of addiction.


Here at the Bobby Benson Center, we encourage family members to work together and support each other in facing and overcoming their challenges with substance abuse.


This ohana perspective overflows throughout our facility as our staff also strives to work together as one "ohana" to accomplish our mission to ultimately free youth in Hawaii from substance use and co-occurring disorders. 





We asked client families to give their open opinions about the Bobby Benson Center. Some of their comments appear below.


"BBC seems to have a very well rounded, multi-pronged attack, an experienced staff, good educational material, a very structured environment, family involvement and education. Plus teaching of coping skills, it has been very helpful understanding what challenges there are for me and my child and understanding what realistic expectations I should have.


I appreciate being with other parents who are facing challenges similar to mine. I anticipate I will gain better coping skills in these classes, my child seems to have developed a rapport with a couple of the staff members and he can talk with them when he feels the need.


This makes me feel good since in the past he has had problems with authority figures. I've been surprised to hear him mention his feelings and emotions. It was very scary for me when I thought he was losing his ability to care about whether things were right or wrong, legal or illegal." (From Parent of a Former Client)

"There are many strengths to the Bobby Benson Center. The isolation of the clients from the outside. The classes with your child. The parent group is the best! The structured days and activities are wonderful.


The staff members are great people. School credits being earned really helps and teaching our kids how to cope with their disease. The skill is priceless. The parent group sessions are great!


I've learned skills and different ways of looking at things. Just listening to others' stories teaches you things. Just seeing the variety of backgrounds that everyone comes from — yet we all have the same situation — children and homes torn apart."


(From Parent of a Former Client)


"I want to thank all of the staff at the Bobby Benson Center. Our son spent several months there and he is now a changed person.


Before, he was argumentative, hateful, stole our money and belongings to sell for drugs and alcohol, and was pretty messed up.


Now, he is in recovery and doing well. He still struggles with addiction but is fighting it every day. Mahalo to you all."


(Facebook posting on Former Client).

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