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What You Need To Know About

Entering The Program

Every client who seeks entry into the Bobby Benson Center is screened for appropriateness and must complete a rigorous interview and personal history analysis before he or she is admitted. It is a process that will take some effort and time, but we genuinely care and want to assist all potential clients and their families as much as possible. The following criteria must be met before acceptance into the program:

  • Males and females between the ages of 13 and 17 years.

  • Must have a documented history of substance abuse and/or co-occuring disorder.

  • Psychological exam within a year of entry

  • The client voluntarily agrees to participate in treatment.

  • The client is mentally competent and able to commit to treatment.

  • Clients requiring medical detoxification and/or medical supervision will be referred to a nearby hospital for 24 to 72 hours of observation prior to admission to the Bobby Benson Center (BBC).

  • The Clinical Director will determine the final decision regarding admission to Bobby Benson Center.

Applications to BBC may be excluded for the following reasons:

Acute medical problems requiring medical supervision and/or treatment not routinely available at the Bobby Benson Center.

Intoxication, incapacitation and/or under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs to the degree that the client is functionally impaired.

​Dangerous and/or disruptive behavior, threats of violence or history of violence. Dangerous drugs.

​Infectious diseases, i.e. chickenpox, active hepatitis, active tuberculosis.

Mental disorders which would preclude active program participation, e.g. psychosis, organic brain syndrome, thought disorders, and active suicidal thoughts or homicidal thoughts.

The client is unwilling to accept program standards as defined in the Registration Form given at the beginning of the process.

Applicant does not meet the age requirement (13-17 years of age)


If a youth is deemed to be not appropriate for admission to the Bobby Benson Center, the staff will make reasonable efforts to refer the client to the appropriate service.

Questions or Concerns? 

Intake: (808) 376-3011

Front Desk: (808) 293-7555

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Preference for admission will be given to pregnant teens and injection drug users (13 to 17 years old). If pregnant females and/or IV drug users (IDU) are placed on a wait-list, interim services will be provided until the client is admitted into treatment. Interim services for the IV drug user will include education about HIV, TB and the risks associated with needle sharing.


During the interim period, clients will also be educated about the risks of transmission to sexual partners and infants. They will be provided with education about reducing the risk of transmission of both HIV and TB and will be provided with referrals for HIV and/or TB services if needed. Pregnant females will receive education on the effects of alcohol and drug use on the fetus, as well as referrals for prenatal care.


Every effort will be made to admit pregnant females immediately. If unable to admit, a referral will be made to another program. If another program is unavailable or at full occupancy, interim services will begin within 48 hours. If the Bobby Benson Center is unable to provide interim services for a pregnant teenager, she will be referred to the ADAD designated women's agencies for interim services. Females in interim services will be admitted to treatment at the next available opening.

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