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New Beginnings

As part of their treatment, our clients are offered the opportunity to share their experience for publication on the Bobby Benson Center website.


Their stories appear below and were derived from personal interviews


My experience at Bobby Benson Center is hard to explain from the very beginning. What I can say about Bobby Benson Center is that if you let them help you and accept their help, it can and will work. At Bobby Benson Center, the first couple of weeks, maybe even the first month, will be the hardest. It was very hard for me, being a runner and all, but after a while I got into the groove of things and it started working. I won't lie and say after the first month or so its easy, but it (gets) more comfortable.


There was a lot of drama for me in there living with girls all the time, but there was those moments when everything worked out. I can say that I'm so grateful for Bobby Benson Center because it kept (me) on a good path and for once in my life, I completed something without giving up. After exactly 5 months and 11 days, I was discharged with 170 days sober and a great path in front of me. A piece of advice I can give is find a quote, a picture, (or) something that inspires you to do good in there.


If you hope for the best, it will happen. So, "Hold-On-Pain-Ends" (HOPE). To any future clients planning on coming in: stay strong cause it does get better! 


(Former Female Client, 2013)

"Excellent Communication"

Communication with the therapist, Kerry Moea'i, was excellent.  He was able to build a positive, therapeutically strong bond with our child.  Your facility gave a struggling teenager a fresh chance at a healthier, better life. 

Thank you for all you do!

- Feedback from Parents of a former client (2020)

"Out there, it seems like you only have one chance, but you come in here, it's like you can start your life over again. But you've got to be willing to do it. Not only them helping you, but you gotta be willing to do it. I've learned a lot in here. When you first come in and you have a conflict with one of your peers, the other peers don't let you do anything wrong."

"Practically everybody here has the same background so we all can relate to each other. They all know how you feel. They've been in the same situations."

"If you have a problem and you don't feel like talking to no one, staff will just come up to you and they'll just start talking to you and it's kind of good because . . . eventually, you're going to listen and you're going to want to talk to them about your problems. They help you a lot."

"My family comes Sundays. They bring food and we can eat on the benches. About 2 o'clock, we have family groups. Family group is pretty good cause all the parents are there."

"Oh, yeah. Saturdays and Sundays we get to go to the beach. We go boogie boarding. They bought us fins and boogie boards."


(Former Male Client, 2008)



My son was able to start his healing and coping process while at BBC.  He has learned to accept himself and seems to want to move forward in his life.

-Feedback from Parent of Former BBC Client (2020)


"I had to go to court and they told me that I had to go to one program. My P.O. [probation officer] said Bobby Benson."

"It's changed my life around. Right now, I'm getting closer with my family. I'm getting more respect, love, care. And I'm working on other stuff. I like this place. It changed my life around big time."

"I would like to tell people that if I can do it, then you can do it, too. What I like about BBC is that the peers support me a lot every time I feel down, and that I can go home . . . and see my family and get closer with them. Everybody is good to me. The staff come to me and they hug me, whatever. At least you can get somebody to talk to you like a grownup."

"Everything is so cool. My family has already let me come home. They're giving me another chance. When I first came in here I was getting into a lot of fights with all the boys. I was stressing out. When I got used to the rotation of this place, I became better. My honesty became better, and my resentment of others subsided."


(Former Male Client, 2005)


"I would highly recommend the Center.  Stacey was such a blessing to our family.  My son is doing so well and we have the center to thank for it"

-Parent of a former BBC Client (2020)

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