Angela Bugarin:

Human Resource Manager


Angela “Angie” Bugarin is the current Human Resource Manager for the Bobby Benson Center. She earned her Master’s Degree (MBA) at the University of Phoenix/Hawaii campus. Most of her employment career has been spent in the private non-profit sector servicing communities and people in need. She has been a strong advocate in working with underprivileged citizens and in rural areas. Her expertise lies in the area of organizational and business development and building relationships among sectors.


She prides herself in past projects of revitalizing the Waipahu community after the demise of the sugar plantations and assisting citizens to have a sustainable farming business. Her work with drug free coalitions such as Weed & Seed projects and now with the Bobby Benson Center gives her much satisfaction as an employee and contributor to society.  Her past work with the Society of Human Resource Management plays a vital role in her capacity as a Human Resource Manager to strengthen her knowledge in employment law. While she is involved in various community activities she enjoys leisure time with her family at the beach or on the soccer field.

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