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Founded in 1962, the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation works to build resources for Hawaii’s future. We do so by investing in promising initiatives and organizations through grantmaking, using our convening power, and introducing and spreading new ideas and approaches to help solve some of Hawaii’s most pressing problems. Our 2017 Mission and Strategies:

(1) to close the achievement gap in public education so that all of Hawaii’s children, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have access to and benefit from high-quality education, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, that prepares them for a successful future;

(2) to restore Hawaii’s nearshore marine life populations so that future generations can benefit and learn from this rich natural resource;

(3) to build on the strengths of Windward Oahu communities through investments that support the region’s rich cultural legacy, its youth and families, and its natural resources; and

(4) to support a limited number of other unforeseen but compelling opportunities to make a big difference in Hawaii’s future.

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Legacy Of Giving

2019- Emergency Preparedness Project: Thanks to the generosity of the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation Bobby
Benson Center was able to increase the safety and security of the clients and our staff through purchasing emergency preparedness supplies and equipment.  Bobby Benson Center now has emergency food and water supplies to sustain life for 40 people for 30 days!  

2020- Land Purchase: Bobby Benson Center's sustainability and longevity have been greatly increased through the assistance of the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation.  The Center was able to purchase the land it has resided on since it's opening in 1990!  This will help to ensure that youth seeking treatment will be able to continue to receive excellent care and services from Bobby Benson Center on it's beautiful and tranquil location for years to come!  

From the Bobby Benson Center's Ohana

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