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What Is Addiction

Addiction Is a Recognized Behavioral Health Condition

Addiction is a disease.  It needs treatment not stigma and is far more pervasive then most people think.  Addiction involves not only the body but also the mind and spirit.  Treatment of addiction must involve a holistic approach that recognizes the need to treat not only the physical but the psychological and emotional aspects of an individual. 


Keep In Mind

If addiction will get worse if left untreated, it does not just go away and there is no cure, and it can be fatal.  Addiction may be biological, symptoms are easy to recognize and progress of the disease is predictable.  Other factors that may play into addiction can include trauma, social environments, and other psychological factors.  The good news is that addiction is also very treatable and many are able to gain valuable knowledge and skill sets to help them live full, sober and rewarding lives through seeking treatment. 

Visit SAMHSA's website to learn more or click HERE to see our resources page. 

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