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Major David Benson

Bobby Benson's Father and Co-Founder of the Bobby Benson Center



The Bobby Benson Center brings hope to young people and their families caught in the devastating world of alcohol and other drugs. Young people start taking drugs or alcohol to feel good. Soon they need chemicals to make them feel normal. They're hooked. And they sink, along with their parents and friends, into terrible helplessness. I know. I watched my son Bobby go deeper and deeper into drugs and despondency while well-meaning friends and professionals told me, "He'll grow out of it." He didn't. At 15, he took his life.


I've learned a lot since then. I know that chemical addictions can be broken - and that residential treatment facilities have helped many young people gain control of their lives again - without drugs. Here, troubled teens enter a supportive environment, where they acquire the knowledge and social skills to negotiate a clearer way through life.


The successes of the Bobby Benson Center can best be seen in our graduates who return to help their peers conquer the difficulties they once struggled against.


It's not easy overcoming powerful chemical addictions. Few people can do it alone. That's why the Bobby Benson Center is here. Together, we can make the future brighter for thousands of teenagers and their families.



David C. Benson

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