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Facilities Coordinator

Job summary

The primary responsibility of the Facilities Coordinator (FC) is to coordinate, oversee and manage the physical needs of the facility.  This position receives general direction from the Executive Director and Operations Manager in providing support to daily operations of the facility. It is the responsibility of this position that will ensure timely and appropriate completion of all maintenance and facility improvement tasks and provide guidance and direction to the staff involved.  


The FC must be able to analyze situations quickly and respond with a reasonable course of action within BBC’s established guidelines. This position will be responsible for the maintaining, overseeing, coordinating and the upkeep  of the physical facilities of the BBC. 


The FC is also responsible for providing comfort, safety and welfare of the clients. He/she promotes the recovery of the clients through facilitation of recovery related treatment activities such as task groups, chemical dependency education groups, clean and sober recreational activities, 12-step related activities, anger management and life skills.

Specific Duties/Responsibilities: 

  • The Facilities Coordinator (FC) is responsible for providing maintenance and facility improvement services to the BBC

  • The FC will coordinate all major facility improvement projects that need specialists and licensed professionals ( eg. AC, Generator, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural, Engineering, etc.)

  • The FC will communicate all projects with the Operations Manager and Executive Director to provide staffing if needed, scheduling, board support, permitting, quotes and financial support to complete all projects needed.

  • Assists Operations Manager on an as needed basis with the physical facility needs of the shifts 700, 1500 & 2300.

  • Ensures all client needs are met

  • Ensures all tasks are completed

  • Ensures all physical needs for operating the shifts smoothly are readily provided

  • Provide immediate feedback to the Operations Manager whenever there is any problem in the following areas.

  • Facility damages, repairs needed etc.

  • Work orders in progress or needing attention.

  • Damages caused by clients requiring payment.

  • Staff and clients misuse or inappropriate use of equipment including vehicles

  • Any safety concerns in the milieu or with staff

  • Train and orient new youth counselors related to any safety or physical facility expectations..

  • Responsible for working with the Operations Manager or designee to organize the attic and all articles stored in it.

  • Ensure that unauthorized visitors are redirected away from the facility. 

  • Will assist the food service manager in the event of emergencies.

  • Approves and makes purchases for repairs, renovations and the upkeep of the facility under $200.

  • Responsible for checking the cabins weekly and logging any findings in the weekly cabin check folder  

  • Checks the work order folder daily.  Reports and logs all damages and repairs needed in the work order folder.  Any repairs needing immediate attention will be dealt with immediately or reported immediately to the maintenance technician if necessary.

  • Coordinates any external contractors necessary to remedy any damages or work orders beyond the capabilities of the maintenance technician and other internal staff.  Provides reports and feedback to the Executive Director regarding such projects and contracts.

  • Responsible for ensuring that the physical facilities are up to par and operating according to the standards of BBC’s internal and external stakeholders ( CARF, CAMHD, ADAD, JUDICIARY, DOH, OSHA etc.).

  • Communicates regularly with the maintenance technician to ensure that the regular upkeep of the facility is provided.

  • Oversees the clients enrolled in Vocational Education program.  He/ she will work together with clients in different projects allowing the clients an opportunity to increase their vocational skills as well as provide service hours for their mandated hours by the courts.

  • Oversees the maintenance of all BBC vehicles and the upkeep of their vehicular legal paperwork.  He/She will schedule registration renewals, safety checks, title transfers, and all vehicular needs of BBC’s vehicle fleet.

  • Serves as the primary Safety officer of BBC.  Conducts safety training and collects data to prove and promote safety operations across all of all departments implementing OCHA, OSHA, HIOSH Standards.

  • Trains and coordinates internal and external safety training for all staff members (i.e. Van Safety Driving, Natural Disaster Awareness, Conducting Emergency Drills, Workplace Safety).

  • Follow additional instructions regarding individual clients as provided by the primary treatment team. 


Rule Adherence:

Thoroughly knows and follows BBC policies and procedures without formal corrective action.  Meets timelines for required physicals, TB clearance, supervision, training, and documentation.



  • Maintain current CPR and First AID certification. 

  • Communicate all client and/or agency concerns to appropriate personnel (i.e. Executive director, Clinical Director, Therapist, Nurse, etc.). 

  • Demonstrate self-evaluation skills and ability to seek supervision or guidance as needed. Take responsibility for remedying or reducing limitations that are impacting job performance. ​

  • Willingly perform other duties as assigned. 

  • Meets credentialing and recredentialing requirements.

  • Consistently demonstrates commitment to the mission of BBC.  

  • Dependability - follows instructions well, on-time for work, no unplanned absences except in the event of an emergency.  Cooperates with co-workers and supervisors.  Good team player, professional and will always do full share of work.  

  • Client Care – practices clear professional boundaries at all times.  

  • Knowledge of Job – has comprehensive understanding of job, grasps details.  Able to practice all job tasks with minimum supervision. 

  • Problem Solving – does not complain or blame others, solution oriented, open to constructive criticism and self-improvement.  


Demonstrates leadership skills: 

  • Appropriately communicates information to staff and clients

  • Resolves conflicts when they occur.

  • Consistently an appropriate role model for all staff

  • Assisting in providing good working conditions for the personnel as in safety of operational equipment and maintaining of structural conditions.

  • An effective working member of a team dedicated to bringing adequate and dependable service.

  • Establish and Maintain Professional Relationships 

  • Assisting, when directed by the Executive Director, with the direction of all contracted personnel utilized in the operations of BBC.


Reports to the Executive Director or Operations Manager concerning work in progress and completed, and consulting with them concerning problems which hinder efficient completion of duties and responsibilities of this position. 


  • Must possess working skills regarding facility maintenance, electrical, plumbing, structural, carpentry, cleaning, vehicle maintenance etc.

  • Must be able to communicate effectively.

  • Must understand contracts

  • Must be have good writing skills

  • Ability to provide direct and tactful feedback

  • Valid Driver's License.

  • Must be in good physical condition, able to participate in recreational activities and able to lift up to 70 pounds.

  • Possess any experience in general contracting, electrical, plumbing, carpentry or engineering.

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Send your completed application, resume and interview survey to:


Subject Line: Employment Application for [Position Title]


Hand-delivered or mailed applications: 56-660 Kamehameha Hwy.; Kahuku, HI 96731

Questions?  You can contact  (808) 376-3015

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