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House Manager

Job Summary: 

The primary responsibility of the night House Manager is for the safety, comfort, and welfare of the clients during the overnight hours between 11:00 pm and 7:30 am. 


Primary Responsibilities:

In addition to monitoring of the clients during sleeping hours the House Managers are also required to do light cleaning and maintenance of the facility, filing, maintaining client charts/volumes, auditing daily progress notes, charting on their assigned cabin, emergency transportation of clients, and any other tasks as assigned by the Operations Manager, Clinical Director, or Executive Director. 

Specific Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Maintain high visibility around the facility, check sleeping quarter routinely. In addition, the night house manager will make regular tours of the building perimeter and grounds of the facility to include inside parking area.

  • Remains awake and alert through entire shift and completes all scheduled phone check ins.

  • The night house manager will be familiar with and follow the policies and procedures outlined in the disaster plan.

  • Be available to clients who are restless and cannot sleep. While the house manager is not a   counselor, it is expected that he/she will listen to a client's concerns and report any inappropriate or questionable behavior. For example: wanting to leave treatment, abusive to staff or other clients, threats of harm to self or others, or any uncontrollable behavior. Any situation out of the ordinary should be reported to the shift leader or, if not available, the Operations Manager.

  • Report in writing to the morning shift leader any minor client violation or illness.

  • Report, at shift's end, any incidents that have occurred during the night shift to the shift leader or Operations Manager. Any accident requiring aid should be reported immediately. 

  •  Follow additional instructions regarding individual clients from the management staff, medical  staff, and swing-shift staff on an "as needed" basis. 

  • Wake clients and ensure that they have cleaned their rooms, bathroom, emptied trash, and  

  • turned off fans, lights, etc. before coming to breakfast.

  • Other duties assigned to the night house manager include, but are not limited to the following activities: limited cleaning and maintenance, paper work, charts review, breakfast preparation, transportation of clients to medical care. Additional duties assigned as necessary to achieve Center goals. 

  • Maintain current CPR and First Aid certification for adult/adolescent population.

  • Willingly perform other duties as assigned.

  • Meet credentialing and re-credentialing requirements.

  • Consistently demonstrates commitment to the mission of BBC. 

  • Dependability - follows instructions well, on-time for work, no unplanned absences except in the event of an emergency.

  •  Cooperates with co-workers and supervisors.  Good team player, professional and will always do full share of work. 

  • Client Care – practices clear professional boundaries at all times.

  • Knowledge of Job – has comprehensive understanding of job, grasps details.  Able to practice all job tasks with minimum supervision. 

  • Problem Solving – does not complain or blame others, solution oriented, open to constructive criticism and self-improvement.

  • Rule Adherence – thoroughly knows and follows BBC policies and procedures without formal corrective action.  Meets timelines for required physicals, TB clearance, supervision, training, and documentation 

Physical Requirements: 

Must be in good physical condition, able to participate in recreational activities and able to lift up to 50 pounds.



High School Diploma/GED; Bachelor's degree preferred



  • No Experience required; One year prior experience working with adolescents preferred (Individual will learn as a result of on-the-job training.) 

  • Working knowledge of 12 step programs preferred.

Other Requirements:

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Must be have the ability to follow instructions and work with people in a friendly and caring manner

  • Must be able to stay awake and alert for the entirety of their shift

  • Computer literate preferred (word, excel, etc.)



2300 Shift: 11:00 pm to 7:30 am (includes 1/2 hour unpaid break)



Send your completed application, resume and interview survey to:


Subject Line: Employment Application for [Position Title]


Hand-delivered or mailed applications: 56-660 Kamehameha Hwy.; Kahuku, HI 96731

Questions?  You can contact  (808) 376-3015

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