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Position Description

The primary responsibility of the Operations Manager is to oversee the general operation of the center across all shifts. The Operations Manager oversees all training and supervision for all Youth Counselors and House Managers across the shifts are adhered to. The Operations Manager is responsible for working closely with Human resources for the hiring of all staff including youth counselors and house managers.  The Operations Manager will complete the annual performance evaluations for all staff under his/her direction.  The Operations Manager will assist in supervising all practicum or intern students as well as volunteers when on cite.


The Operations Manager reports directly to the Executive Director but works in a concerted effort with the Clinical Director in regards to the treatment activities and treatment goals of the clients and clinical supervision of the Youth Counselors and House Managers.  In regards to clients, the Operations Manager follows the Clinical Directors directions for providing clinical support for the milieu. 

The Operations Manager will routinely engage in the following Core Functions related to the Hawaii requirements for certification as a Substance Abuse Counselor: Orientation, Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Client Education, Report & Record Keeping, and Consultation with Other Professionals. To further assist staff that are interested in becoming Hawaii Certified Substance Abuse Counselors they are offered additional training in Screening, Assessment, Intake, Treatment Planning, Case Management and Referral. They are also offered training opportunities in the co-facilitation process in group therapy. Whenever possible, training will be on-the-job.


Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  • Oversee the treatment activities and coordinate facilitating staff of the 700, 1500, 2300 (over nights) shifts 7 days a week.

    • Ensure all client needs are met

    • Ensure all tasks are completed

    • Ensure all activities are safe, planned and communicated to all staff.

    • Meets regularly with the Shift Supervisor/Shift Leaders to ensure that all YC expectations are met.  

    • OM will follow up with the Shift Leaders regarding any violations that need to be addressed in a timely manner.  HR and or the ED may need to be notified if violations require HR or executive intervention.

    • OM will follow up on Shift Leaders responsibilities. eg. Shift change, MAX entry, Offer vs serve, Sentinel and Reportable events, staff injury reports, task lists, shadows etc.

  • Responsible for working closely with Human resources for the hiring of all staff including youth counselors, house managers.  He/She  is engaged in the planning and implementation of the new hire recruitment and new hire orientation with the human resource manager

  • Responsible for purchasing items < $200 or submitting purchase orders for supplies necessary to support client needs.

  • Will be responsible to see that 700, 1500 and 2300 staff under her/his care complete their Individual Supervision (1 hour per month) as well as Group Supervision (3 hrs. per month) with the clinical staff.  The OM will be responsible for all written warnings and Corrective Plan of Action for those employees that are not meeting the Supervision expectations.

  • Facilitates Group Supervision for the 700 & 1500 shifts with the help of the Clinical Director and other clinical staff as needed.  He/She will also co-facilitate 2300 shift supervision as needed.

  • Works with Clinical Director and funders to coordinate mandatory monthly trainings as required by our state and federal standards.

  • Responsible for reviewing and approving annual performance evaluations for all Shift Leaders, Youth Counselors, and House Managers.  The Shift Supervisor and Shift Leaders may assist in facilitating the performance evaluation.

  • Participate in activities with clients as needed to promote engagement with staff and clients.

  • Meets with the Shift Leaders or Lead Supervisor on a regular basis.

  • OM will coordinate with HR the scheduling of staff for each shift.  Schedule should be sent out Thursday before the end of the work week. Schedule adequate staffing for medical appointments and other appointments as necessary

  • Follows-up on all shift changes and voice mails in a timely manner

  • Engage in one-to-one counseling with clients on an as-needed basis and discuss these clinical encounters with clients assigned Therapist

  • Provide crisis intervention as needed. Document events of crisis and outcome of intervention.

  • Monitor clients in the client community and when off site as necessary.

  • Will coordinate with AR clerk, Intake Counselor, Clinical Director and Shift Leaders when identifying the census as it pertains to staffing.  

  • Promotes accurate documentation (DAP) and provides on-going training as well as holding staff accountable for recurring errors and completing Healthy Charts in a timely manner.

  • Resolve (including meeting with, write up, hold accountable up to written warning, recommendation for corrective action etc.) any problem in the following areas and report all encounters and documentations to the HR Manager and Executive Director.  The OM will provide timely and appropriate feedback to all staff on any of the issues listed below.

    • Staff adherence to monitoring standards

    • Staff ability to facilitate treatment activities

    • Staff redirection skills

    • Staff professional boundaries

    • Staff timeliness to work

    • Safety/infection control issues

    • Individual and Group Supervision attendance

    • Adhering to training, physical and TB renewal requirements in a timely manner

  • Ensures timely submission of all financial documents including credit card receipts, gas receipts, outing receipts, Offer vs Serve documents etc.

  • Work in a concerted effort with the Executive Director, Clinical Director, Human Resources Manager and Exec Team to plan and coordinate staff development/appreciation programs (ie. Team Building, Training, Staff Meeting etc.)

  • Schedules adequate staffing to meet the staff to client ratio indicated in the BBC P&Ps. The OM will also review and approve payroll for 700, 1500, and 2300 staff including, coverage, OT, PTO, adjustments in timesheet and will do so in the time allotted by the finance department.

  • Follow additional instructions regarding individual clients as provided by the primary treatment team.

  • Plans and oversees Client treatment activities particularly Wednesday Outing, weekend outings, life skills, and other activities as needed.

  • Participates in the BBC Safety Program, Health & Safety Committee, QA and Management Team while working with the Safety Officer and other committee members to promote a safe facility.

  • Rule Adherence – thoroughly knows and follows BBC policies and procedures without formal corrective action. Meets timelines for required physicals, TB clearance, supervision, training, and documentation.

  • Maintain current CPR and First AID certification.

  • Maintain legible and neat progress notes and other documentation.

  • Completes all documentation as required by State and Federal regulatory laws.

  • Communicate all client and/or agency concerns to appropriate personnel (i.e. Executive Director, Clinical Director, Therapists, Nurse , etc.).

  • Demonstrate self-evaluation skills and ability to seek supervision or guidance as needed. Take responsibility for remedying or reducing limitations that are impacting job performance.

  • Willingly perform other duties as assigned.

  • Meets credentialing and re-credentialing requirements.

  • Consistently demonstrates commitment to the mission of BBC.

  • Dependability – follows instructions well, on time for work, no unplanned absences except in the event of an emergency.

  • Cooperates with co-workers and supervisors. Good team player, professional and will always do full share work.

  • Participate in activities with clients, unless otherwise scheduled.

  • Client Care – practice clear professional boundaries at all times.

  • Knowledge of Job – has comprehensive understanding of job, grasps details. Able to practice all job tasks with minimum supervision.

  • Problem Solving – does not complain or blame others, solution oriented, open to constructive criticism and self-improvement.

  • Demonstrates leadership skills – Appropriately communicates information to staff and clients.

  • Consistently and appropriate role model for all staff.

  • Provides appropriate feedback to staff about performance issues.



  • Must possess leaderships skills

  • Above average verbal and writing skills

  • Ability to provide direct and tactful feedback

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Working Knowledge of 12 step programs

  • Must be in good physical condition, able to participate in recreational activities and able to lift up to 50 pounds.

  • In order of preference:

    • Possess a bachelor’s degree in Human Services field, plus 3+ years full-time work with adolescents in Education or Mental Health fields. 

    • OR

    • CSAC certification plus 3 years in the Human Services field.

    • OR

    • 2 – 4 years college in Human Services field (no degree), plus 5 years full-time work with adolescents in Education or Mental Health fields.  MUST achieve BS or CSAC in 1-2 years.

Send your completed application, resume and interview survey to:


Subject Line: Employment Application for [Position Title]


Hand-delivered or mailed applications: 56-660 Kamehameha Hwy.; Kahuku, HI 96731

Questions?  You can contact  (808) 376-3015

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