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Bobby Benson Center's Facility

BBC’s modern residential campus is located on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore in Kahuku just minutes from pristine beaches.  One of the strengths of BBC’s location is its remote distance from the typical areas where youth have engaged in high-risk behaviors.  There are few distractions in this setting.  The layout is open with a varied lush tropical landscape providing an atmosphere for the youth recovery.  In this tranquil environment youth and their families are taught skills needed to promote a full and lasting recovery to substance use and co-occurring disorders.


BBC has a current State of Hawaii Department of Health License to operate as a Special Treatment Facility with the capacity of 30 beds.  There are four residential cottages where youth live.  The entire facility is wheelchair accessible.  Two cottages have wheelchair accessible rooms and bathroom facilities. 

There is a central field in the center of the facility that is surrounded by a walkway that leads to the four residential cabins and to the schoolhouse (20 x 30 foot building) located on the western end of the facility primarily used for educational purposes. A mobile office trailer is located onsite which houses the Continuum of Care Treatment (North Shore).  Adjacent to the trailer is a covered area used as a weight room.  There is also a small basketball court area. 

Bobby Benson Center's Administration Building

The Administration building includes: The reception area, Intake Coordinator's Office, Nursing Office, Clinical Director's Office, Operation's Manager and Facility Coordinator's Office, IT Server Room, Conference room, Quality Assurance Coordinator's Office, Accounting/Human Resources Office, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables Office, staff kitchen, and storage areas. 

In the front lobby you will find an amazing drawing of Bobby Benson Center, a large framed article of a story written about the opening of the center and much more memorabilia of the center.  

The building is dedicated to the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

Bobby Benson Center's Client Cabins (Residences)

BBC presents a comfortable and secure living environment for all four cabins so youth can relax during leisure time.  Each cabin has four bedrooms, with its own AC unit and bathroom.  There are eight beds (two youth per room).  The living room area is furnished with comfortable couches and chairs where youth can relax and enjoy entertainment and/or each other’s company. 


All rooms are outfitted with energy blackout curtains that provide privacy, coolness in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. The windows all have screens to keep out bugs and other insects.  There is an alarm on the outside of each cabin in the event youth elope from the facility.  BBC is committed to ensuring transgender youth will be provided with appropriate and safe accommodation.


In addition to the client's living quarters, cabins 1, 3 and 4 also include a therapists office and storage and cabin 2 includes a therapist office and the Executive Director's Office.  Client's laundry is located behind cabins 1 and 3.  

Each Cabin has been given a Name and Meaning: 



Serenity, Peaceful, Quiet, Safe




To Approve or To Accept



Brave or Bold



Wisdom, or Developing Awareness, To Make Wise Choices.  

Bobby Benson Center's Kitchen & Dining Hall

Bobby Benson Center's community dining hall can serve a maximum of 65 people.  The kitchen/dining hall is fully functional where breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks are prepared every day by kitchen staff.  Staff activities and meetings are also held in the dining hall. The dinning hall completed renovations (thanks to a generous Grant in Aid from the State of Hawaii) in July 2020 and now features more dinning space, new floors/windows/doors, more storage area, and AC.


Bobby Benson Center's Gym Area

Bobby Benson Center's gym is packed with weight lifting machines and equipment for the clients and staff members to enjoy.  Including a bench press, dumbbells, squat bar, and much more.  Our client's health is important to us and the gym is just one aspect in helping them achieve goals and/or decompress. 

We also have an basketball hoop that the kids can use during rec time, or when they need something to help them cope.

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