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Registered Nurse

Job summary:

The primary responsibility of the Registered Nurse (Monday through Friday) is to address the physical concerns and needs of Bobby Benson Center clients. Gives direct client care, implements and evaluates each unique client treatment plan, assessing data and client/family needs and solutions.  Monitors adherence to the medical directives of the Medical Director and Consulting Psychiatrist.  Reviews all medical policies and procedures and ensures compliance with state and federal laws as licensing and accreditation standards.  Obtains a nursing assessment on each client admitted to the center.  Oversees the implementation of the medical treatment plan and provides a limited amount of biomedical screening.  Initiates and participates in medical discharge planning, including placement (as necessitated) and referral.  Leads health education seminars for clients and staff as needed.  Maintains skills and knowledge through the participation of educational programs.  And, is involved in quality assurance by participating in the Safety and Infection Control Committee.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  1. Completes nursing assessments on all admitted clients.

  2. Provides risk management by attending to all injuries and when medically appropriate will notify the Medical Director or Consulting Psychiatrist or additional medical facility when necessary.

  3. Reviews all training, procedures, and policies and revises as necessary to meet CAMHD/OCHA/CARF standards.  Reports to the Clinical Director, Medical Director, with a plan of completion.

  4. Prepares medications for passes and outings as necessary.

  5. Provides medication certification training to all staff members who are scheduled to administer mediations.  Those certified to administer medications would be able to demonstrate the ability to accurately follow the policies and procedures for medication administration to the R.N before being certified to offer medications.

  6. Provide and improve all medical training materials as needed.

  7. Be responsible to dispense medication, attend to all client medical needs, train staff, and provide clinical oversight to certified personnel/shift leaders.  The R.N. will be available for the majority of all the daily scheduled medication administration times.

  8. Write orders that are specific and communicate clearly their intent with the nursing staff and certified medication trained staff members.  The R.N will transcribe all orders immediately and implement them as directed by the physician.  Orders will reflect the individual needs of the client.  Nursing staff will be consulted if a client requests PRN medication.  The medical physician will be available at all times at his office or through the Physicians Exchange.

  9. Written (typed) instruction will be available for unlicensed persons to follow if the R.N. is not on-site / or there is a med error or drug reaction.

  10. Medications will be adequately stored: Each client’s medication will be labeled.  Off-site medication will have locked bags.  Shift leaders will have the keys on-site and off-site.

  11. Medication is delegated by the presented and documented monthly.  Auditing tools will also be utilized.

  12. All doctors’ orders will be recorded on physician order sheets.  Transcription of medical orders will be viewed as part of the chart audit that is presented in the monthly medical meetings.


Job Description: 

The Registered Nurse is to document all physician medication orders and supervises compliance by staff in following physician directives. He/she will ensure that all incoming medication has proper orders from the physician and is properly documented.  He/she regularly reviews medication log for completeness and client PRN use for patterns. He/she maintains close control/supervision of all locked meds.  He/she will maintain an inventory of medications both prescribed and over the counter and will order medications when necessary. The Registered Nurse will review the completed physician's physical and lab work on each patient. He/she will provide a periodic review of the medical section of the chart to ensure accurate documentation of medical services. He/she will update staff regarding medical policy and procedural changes subsequent to review by and approved by the Executive Director. He/she will conduct group education and individual counseling on medical-related issues to all clients. He/she acts as primary BBC contact for the Medical Director. 

Provides Medical Director with all appropriate documentation and information. He/she will facilitate all client's medical/dental appointments as necessary. He/she participates in a bi-monthly visit by the consulting Psychiatrist.  He/she ensures that clients and parents/guardians are educated in medication need and effect.  He/she obtains parental permission for all psychiatric medication prescriptions. He/she oversees the implementation of and provides staff training on infection control policies and procedures. He/she ensures that all medical issues are presented to the treatment team through the client’s assigned addiction counselor or designee. He/she communicates with health insurance companies to verify client coverage and request referrals. He/she may provide PPD testing/reading/screenings for clients and staff as needed. He/she participates in Quality Assurance activities through the Safety and Infection Control Committee.


He/she completes documentation as required by state and federal regulatory laws. He/she reviews all medical policies and procedures on a regular basis to ensure compliance with state, federal and licensing / accreditation standards. He/she assists in the implementation of quality improvement projects as required by the executive director. He/she must maintain a current State Nursing License and FA/CPR certification. He/she must maintain legible and neat documentation. He/she will bring all major client concerns to the attention of the clinical director, collateral contacts and family/guardian in a timely manner.  He/she will provide ongoing supervision of clients both on and off-premises (when in care of the Nurse). He or she must also demonstrate the following: 


Dependability: Follows instructions well, on time for work, no unplanned absences except in the event of an emergency, available after hours for a phone consult, as needed. 


Team Player: Cooperates with co-workers and supervisors.  Good team player, professional and will always do their full share of work. 


Client-Focused Professional Care: Practices clear professional boundaries at all times. 


Knowledgable of Job: Has a comprehensive understanding of the job, grasps details.  Able to practice all job tasks with minimum supervision. 


Problem Solver: does not complain or blame others, solution-oriented, open to constructive criticism and self-improvement.


Rule Adherence: thoroughly knows and follows BBC policies and procedures without formal corrective action.  Meets timelines for required physicals, TB clearance, supervision, training, and documentation.


Physical Requirments:

An air-conditioned office requires some occasional physical exertion while caring for clients in need, requires a lot of desk/computer work including a good deal of typing. Maybe mentally taxing at times and applicants must be able to handle high-stress situations. May require driving from time to time.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions 



Associates or Bachelors in Registered Nursing degree; Bachelors preferred. Must have a current Nursing License to practice in Hawaii. 



Minimum of one (1) year nursing experience in a hospital, clinic, or residential substance abuse facility or chemical dependency unit. Prior experience working with adolescents preferred.  Working knowledge of the 12 steps programs preferred.  



Monday to Friday 7 am to 3:30 pm

Other Requirements:

  • Valid Driver's license 

  • Good Driving record

  • Clear background check

  • Must pass credentialing requirements

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